Browns Fan Slams Bud Light Limes, Insults His Old Lady, Andy Dalton & Manning Family

We have a new contender for Angriest Browns Fan of 2015 and he just goes by Angry Browns Fan. It seems that Angry Browns fan wanted to document just how angry he is so he had a cameraman rolling Thursday night during the Browns-Bengals game while he watched the primetime battle with his old lady and a pile of Bud Light Lime cans.
You might remember that we already have Browns fan ‘Biscuit’ who is a second-year vet with angry videos. There is some concern, however, with Biscuit’s health because we haven’t seen videos from him the last couple weeks and it’s not like the Browns have been winning. There’s been plenty to be mad at.

So in steps Angry Browns Fan to take Biscuit’s place this week. ABF slams Bud Light limes, insults his old lady, has a one-liner for Andy Dalton and takes a shot at the Manning family. Oh, and ABF does push-ups during commercials. You can tell ABF is still working on his act, but at this pace, the guy will have a clear shot at the Angriest Browns Fan of 2015 belt…unless someone angrier steps up for a battle.
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