Cardinals Fan Celebrates Royals World Series Victory, Chants "Royals!"

What a huge night for the Kansas City Royals and the team’s fans. 10 years ago the team lost 106 games. Now they have a World Series crown for the first time in 30 years. Jubilation. Uncontrollable excitement. Pure craziness. Finally…something to brag about after all these years of hearing it from St. Louis fans.
And then some St. Louis Cardinals fan infiltrates one of the celebrations and chants “Royals” while wearing his Cardinals gear. I’d be lying if I reported this was the only Cardinals fan I’ve seen today celebrating the Royals World Series title like the Cardinals just won. I saw multiple people wearing red in celebrations around Kansas City.
The St. Louis Dispatch is even asking if Kansas City is now the baseball capital of Missouri. Don’t be surprised when the Royals bandwagon starts to feel a little packed. It’s apparently just Cardinals fans jumping ship on Baseball’s Best Team.
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Royals Fan Celebrates World Series With Aggressive Thrusting
Royals Fan Celebrates World Series With Aggressive Thrusting