All Hell Breaks Loose At Texas High School Football Drill Team Dance-Off

I know that I say it often, but this time I really mean it. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE. The big news this week in Texas, besides Kyrie Irving all but admitting that he knocked up 2010 Miss Texas United States, is that school administrators in Dallas are dealing with a drill team dance-off that turned into fisticuffs and hair pulling after a Friday night game.
From Fox 4:

The fight between Wilmer Hutchins High School and James Madison High School’s drill teams happened after the football game ended last Friday at Wilmer Hutchins Stadium.
Deshannon Roberts’ daughter, 15-year-old Shamyra Cooper, had a member from Madison High School come over to her and perform a mock routine.
“You do have a personal space in which you are supposed to respect,” Roberts said. “That was not respected, so it was heated at that point.”
The dance team member from Madison returned and Cooper turned her back. Then there was a hit to the back of the head.
“I immediately leaped over the rail and ran to the field, trying to get my baby,” Roberts said. “By that time it was chaos.”

CBS Dallas reports that all drill team members from both schools received a one-game suspension. High times right now in high school athletics, especially for Texas.

The routine that started the brawl:


Full video:


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