Bama Sorority Sisters, Britt With Wilbon & April Rose Throws First Pitch

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Peyton Manning’s noodle

I don’t care what all the Peyton teabaggers are telling me, his arm is shot and there’s something weird going on with that thing. How many INTs did the Chiefs whiff on? How was it that Peys was throwing ducks in the first quarter and then all of a sudden throwing rockets in the fourth. This is the same thing that happened late last season. I said the same thing and was killed for it. The guy comes out and his arm is about to fall off. Late in the 4th he’s looking like a 29 year old Peyton. Very fishy.

Fun gambling cheater story

Take the time to read up about this guy that was black listed from casinos. You’ll enjoy it. Legend has it that the guy turned $50 into $40 million.

Numbers fromĀ @CraigSagerJr:

Peyton Manning… 70 000 yards passing… That is 39.772 miles