Arkansas Fighting After Losing To Toledo

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Their ranked team just lost to Toledo. Their team paid Toledo $1,000,000 to play a game in Little Rock that was supposed to be a huge end of summer celebration where everyone got drunk, left the game at halftime, kept getting drunk and then went to the Brad Paisley concert that took place Saturday night and was going to be a giant Arkansas pep rally.

And then Toledo ruined the Hogs perfect season.

Soooooooo…Arkansas fans got in a massive brawl on the golf course where everyone was tailgating, according to the guy who uploaded this video to Facebook. I do see blood all over a girl’s leg at the end. Other than that it looks like very few punches landed. This isn’t rare from Arkansas fans. Usually 1-2 videos hit our inbox each year.

This one is just so much fun because Toledo just beat them. WOOOOOOOOO Pig Sooie!




Little blood on the leg, no biggie.

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