Kentucky Fan Kindly Myers Is Back For College Football

It’s about this time each summer that Kindly Myers checks in with new Kentucky photos for the start of the college football season. It’s been like this for several years. At this point, I start to think something’s wrong with Kindly, or that she got out of the SEC modeling business, if she doesn’t email.
Of course she sent an email on Monday asking if BC would be interested in running her latest photos as we get ramped up for yet another big season of football. Of course, because this is usually the only time Kentucky gets a blog unless something odd happens during the season.
Kindly, you might remember, is a Nashville bartender, who is slinging drinks at the legendary Tootsies. You might also see her on Instagram modeling for some bikini line.
BC’s preseason prediction: Kentucky will go 5-7 at best. Road games at South Carolina, Mississippi State and Georgia will be tough situations and Auburn and Missouri at home won’t be much easier. Returning QB Patrick Towles threw 14 TDs and 9 INTs. He might not even end up with the job because a redshirt freshman is coming after the job.
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