Hottest NFL Cheerleaders Of The 2015 Season

The NFL has changed over night.
As Peyton Manning, Drew Brees, and Tom Brady begin to smell retirement, the NFL needs someone else to step up and take over. Last year, Odell Beckham Jr. did that as he captivated millions of fans from all over the world with his amazing playmaking ability. He ended up breaking several rookie records and helping the incoming rookie’s feel like they need to do better.
The class of 2014 added so much talent to the NFL that we just might not be ready for all of it at once. From Blake Bortles and the new look Jaguars to the young running backs on the Pacific Coast (Carlos Hyde, 49ers and Melvin Gordon, Chargers), this new look NFL has begun a youth movement.
How does all of this compare to what is in store for 2015? It is hard to tell. The new extra point rule should make scoring very interesting. We have already seen teams go for two points instead of kicking an extra point in the 2015 pre-season more than ever before. It is going to be fun to say the least.
The athletes and coaches aren’t the only thing changing in the NFL, the cheerleaders go through a new roster every season following try-outs. This year was no different and for many young aspiring NFL cheerleaders, the road ended this past summer.
But for the ones that did make it, congratulations. Here is a quick peek at the Sexy Cheerleaders the NFL has in store for us in 2015.

CMT Fat Shames At The Cowboys Cheerleader Tryouts
CMT Fat Shames At The Cowboys Cheerleader Tryouts