Naked Meth'd Up Bama Fan Goes Nuts Destroying Gas Station

Let’s just say that Brian Keith Creamer hasn’t had a very good year. Looking through his Facebook account, it seems his wife ran off with his two kids and he rarely saw them. There might’ve been an incident in the spring where he went to see the kids, even though there was a protection order, and he ended up in jail. Now there’s even bigger issues. Brian got all meth’d up last week, according to cops, and did some damage at a gas station. And got naked while on top of an ice machine.

Security cameras were rolling as the man broke into a Wetumpka convenience store sans clothing and started tearing things apart. He later told officers that he had no memory of his destructive rampage.
Brian Creamer, 34, of Jemison, was arrested Thursday for burglary, criminal mischief, unlawful possession of a controlled substance and possession of drug paraphernalia and is being held in the Elmore County Jail.
At 5:10 am, Wetumpka police received a call from a clerk at the Chevron at the corner of U.S. Highway 231 and Redland Road. When she arrived to open the store, she noticed that things did not look right when she saw that a newspaper stand and garbage can outside had been moved. She went in and started about her routine, turning on the gas pumps and readying the store for the day ahead. Suddenly, she saw a completely naked man standing on top of the ice machine outside. Scared, she ran to her car and drove to another nearby gas station to call the police.

Lt. Ed Gumpf with the Wetumpka Police Department said the bathrooms were destroyed and sinks were turned on, causing the store to flood. A large sink in the back room was filled up and electronic devices that were still plugged in were placed in the water. According to Gumpf, Creamer also damaged the thermostat, alarm system and security cameras, ripping them out of the walls.
Creamer also sprayed the fire extinguisher everywhere, leaving footprints in the residue since he was not even wearing socks or shoes.
Drinks were smashed and turned over inside the store. Fluorescent light bulbs were shattered out in the parking lot.
“It looked like a demolition crew came in,” Lt. Gumpf said.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times, this meth garbage is the scariest stuff I’ve ever seen on the drug scene. One minute you’re just an upstanding Bama fan, the next minute you’re smoking — or however the hell they do these drugs — meth, getting naked and destroying a gas station. Oh, and the TV station runs the video.

Roll Tide!

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