Kacie McDonnell Gets Her Team The W In Flip Cup At A Sporting KC Tailgate

Kacie McDonnell, former Christian Ponder and Aaron Murray girlfriend and now Eric Hosmer girlfriend, has moved on from reporting on the traffic and is now a sideline reporter for the MLS franchise out in Kansas City, Sporting KC.
Yesterday before the game, Kacie made her way out to the parking lot to get in on the tailgate action and ended up partaking in a little game of flip cup.


There’s nothing worse than the chick at the party who brings the team down in a drinking game. Drinking games are serious and I want to win every single one of them. So when you have the sloppy, drunk off of a Four Loko girl at the end of the line in flip cup who can barely down the beer, it’s never fun.
So it’s good to know that Kacie is always down to party and can throw them back. I don’t think she’s not going to be costing any teams a victory.

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Lindsey Pelas Wants J.J. Watt
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