There's A Petition To Get Rid Of Rory Mcilroy's Omega Watch Commercial And I Just Signed It

If you have watched a golf tournament over the last few years you know exactly what commercial I’m talking about. You know, the one that gets that “Standing in the Hall of Fame” song stuck in your head for the next week. The one where you want to blow your head off every time it comes on. This one:

Literally every commercial break during a golf tournament this ad is played. And I’m not using literally liberally here. They really do play it every single F’ing commercial break. Well, our savior is finally here and his name is Tron Carter, who has created a petition on to remove this commercial completely from the airwaves.

Thank God for this man. A true hero here to lead the charge against Omega. Enough is enough. Here’s what he says on the petition:

For the last two years the golf community has been subjected to an endless onslaught of the Omega Watches Rory McIlroy “Standing in the Hall of Fame” commercial. Regardless of the event, tour or network, this commercial plays during every commercial break. The spot has ruined historic moments, a half dozen major championships, and countless psyches. And yet, we continue to be bombarded incessantly every time we turn on the television to watch golf. It’s time to take a stand. Let’s boycott Omega Watches SA, and it’s parent company Swatch, until this commercial is pulled off the air and we, the golf community, are afforded sanity and closure.

I couldn’t have said it better. Sign the petition here.
[h/t to FTW]

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