White Sox Fan Catches Foul Ball, Loses His Mind

When a baseball game hits extra innings, that usually signals to fans who didn’t leave in the 8th inning that it’s really time to bail. They’ve already hit their two-hour plus commitment of dropping money on $10 beers and it’s time to go. However, there are some people who genuinely enjoy being there — like this one fan at Wednesday night’s Angels-White Sox game.
[mlbvideo id=”363094983″ width=”560″ height=”315″ /]
As you can see above, this bro was just sitting there sipping on a beer when a Jose Abreu foul ball took a fortuitous bounce in his direction. After bypassing the paws of some overeager fans, he stuck out his hand and a bucket list goal was crossed off.

Look at that face. Usually “proper fan etiquette” dictates an adult should give the ball to a kid, but not in this case — this ball means everything.

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