NASCAR Driver Austin Dillon's Girlfriend Is Titans Cheerleader Whitney Ward

We finally have a single NASCAR driver who is actually out there hunting hot chicks and having a good time like the good old days of NASCAR before these guys became corporate marketing robots spouting off brands. Austin Dillon went from dating serial jersey chaser Taylor Walker in 2014 to his new relationship with Titans cheerleader Whitney Ward.
I’ve been railing lately that NASCAR needs some off the track drama. They need a Kate Upton-Justin Verlander type relationship. The sport needs a guy out there just poon hunting his ass off because guys will think it’s awesome and women will get jealous. And it helps that Dillon-Ward aren’t shy about this developing romance.
So the big story with Dillon, 25, is that he’s the grandson of Richard Childress, who gave Dale Earnhardt the famous #3 ride after Richard retired from racing. Now Dillon runs the #3 car and has his grandpa’s fortune behind him. That means there are private jets, the best RVs, the best golf carts, massive houses, etc.
In walks a Titans cheerleader to enjoy the spoils. I’m telling you right now, NASCAR should have these two on magazine covers around the country. Hire the paparazzi to do some fake walking down the street shots. Us this to their advantage.

Dillon seems to be the only non-robot in the sport. It’s refreshing.

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