Georgia Woman Assaults Boyfriend Because He Wouldn’t Bang Her



Here we go again with some crazy chick who (allegedly) resorted to attacking a boyfriend because he wouldn’t bang her. Just a few days after news of a Florida woman stabbing her boyfriend for not having morning sex with her comes this report out of Georgia where a woman attacked her boyfriend in a similar incident.

According to WFXG:

Tabathia Lee Grooms, 35, came home around 11:30 p.m. on June 24 and attacked her boyfriend while he was sitting on the couch, according to a Richmond County Sheriff’s Office incident report. She said she was angry that he refused her advances earlier that day, so she scratched him on the face, head and neck, then bit him on the arm. He ran into a bathroom and called 911.

When deputies responded to the house on Haynie Drive, Grooms would not give her name at first and threatened to run over a deputy with a baby stroller, according to the incident report. She admitted she had been drinking.

Of course she was drinking.

Now, you can’t really blame the boyfriend here for not banging Tabathia’s brains out. June 24 was on a Wednesday. The poor guy probably put in a full day of work and just wanted to relax after busting his ass all day. Women need to realize we’re not just pieces of meat who can just do it all the time. We need rest.

The Smoking Gun got its hands on the full report and it’s pretty funny stuff.

After a night of boozing, Grooms returned to the residence and announced that she had “f*cked everyone else because [Grace] would not f*ck her,” Deputy Phillip Clark reported. Following that proclamation, Grooms allegedly scratched and bit Grace, who was seated on a couch.