Brock Lesnar Goes Berserk on Cadillac, Accidentally Injures Fan After Throwing Door

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On last week’s episode of “Raw,” WWE World Heavyweight champion Seth Rollins hooked up his henchmen with some new swag. Kane got a trip to Hawaii (seriously, what happened to Kane?) while the boys of J&J Security locked down a new Cadillac. Of course, all this shit is scripted so the Cadillac ended up becoming a prop on tonight’s episode.
As you can see above, the Cadillac’s end game in the story was to be destroyed by Brock Lesnar with an axe. You know the deal here: bad guys helplessly watch in the ring with their weapons as a man-beast works out his issues. Classic storyline.
However, reported soon after that a fan was injured by the door Brock tossed near the stands:

A fan in the crowd at the Allstate Arena was struck during the Brock Lesnar angle on Raw where Lesnar attacked and destroyed the car Seth Rollins gifted J&J Security last week.
During the angle, Lesnar ripped a car door off and tossed it. A piece of the door ended up in the crowd, where it apparently struck a fan.
Billy Krotchsen sent word that the head of WWE Security and paramedics attended to the fan, who was then brought backstage before returning to his seat. All signs are the fan was OK.

You can see the fans’ point of view of the door throw in the short video below:

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