Out Of Shape Adrian Peterson, Kate Upton W/Heineken & Bonds-Arnold Talk Steroids?

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Let’s recap my weekend

Drinks Friday night in a neighbors basement because it rained. Woke up Saturday to heavy rain, pumped out Morning Screencaps, Daily Dump and then went for a drive in the rain. Took a nap. Got up and it was still raining. Made some food. Still raining…harder than it had been the previous 14 hours. Cable and internet went out. (Seriously, the electric was fine, but AT&T went down). Check the basement for leaks and make sure the sump pump didn’t stop running. Fell asleep to SportsCenter on my phone. Sunday…woke up to take a look at the storm damage. Went for a drive to see storm damage. Went to Costco to get food supplies for cleanup day. Spend 6-7 hours cleaning up junk from the storm. Swim for 45 minutes in a pool chilled by 7 inches of rain water. Come inside to find the cable and internet working again.

Solid weekend.

Vegas airport to hotel transportation issues

Would Vegas really dig an underground light-rail line? Something big is coming and will likely let you avoid the cabbies who take the tunnel and add like $20 to a basic airport to Strip ride.

Numbers from @SportsTaxMan:

KG is highest paid player in history. He has earned approx $325M on the court in his career.

Delly Does Cedar Point, Brugman & Tash Do Thailand & Rainbow General Lee
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