Erin Andrews Resurfaces With Her Coke Mule Boyfriend Jarret Stoll

Erin Andrews and her coke mule boyfriend Jarret Stoll were in public together for the first time (that we know of) since he allegedly tried to smuggle a treasure chest of drugs into a Vegas pool. Stoll pleaded guilty last week in Clark County to misdemeanor charges that resulted in community service. A felony drug possession charge was dropped in return for his guilty plea.
The big news here is obviously that Pageviews seems to be sticking it out with the guy she wanted to marry last summer when she said the ball was in Stoll’s court regarding engagement rings. Pageviews had been silent since the Vegas coke controversy.
Now she’s back with shorter hair and seemingly sending messages to Stoll by retweeting a photo of her holding Kevin Harvick’s son at the Sonoma NASCAR race.

From the look of things, Pageviews is back on with the whole ‘Give me an engagement ring’ push she was on last summer. Now 37, the time is running out on that magical wedding/pumping out kids scenario. Stoll just turned 33 and he’s about to become a free agent, which means his easy commute home to Pageviews in L.A. after a Kings game will likely be coming to an end.
Ball’s in your court, bro.

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