TJ Oshie's Baby Mama Lauren Cosgrove Looking Decent At Vegas Pool

St. Louis Blues heatthrob T.J. Oshie and his baby mama Lauren Cosgrove are scheduled to get married in late July so it only makes sense for mom to get away for a Vegas bachelorette party before marrying the dreamy multi-millionaire right winger. Cosgrove is the blonde.
Cosgrove made a huge splash in the wife and girlfriend world during the 2014 Winter Olympics when Oshie had a big run while playing for Team USA. One thing led to another and she was popping out a baby girl. Now comes the wedding. No biggie, so many couples do it the same way these days, right?

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Anyway, Cos and some girlfriends are tearing up Vegas this weekend and it appears the baby weight is history. Someone is back to bikini shape. Oshie is a very lucky guy. Sorry puck bunnies, looks like your heartthrob isn’t leaving the Cos for your out of shape, draft beer drinking, oversized gamer jersey wearing fat ass. Cosgrove has a ’74’ (his number) tattoo. This marriage is forever.
Time to move on to some other dreamy NHLer.


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