Poor Erin Andrews…Now People Are Getting Engaged In Her Face



The hits just keeping coming for poor Erin Andrews and her journey to becoming a married woman. Just a couple weeks ago, the man who was supposed to ask for drama queen’s hand in marriage, Jarret Stoll, was caught trying to smuggle an 8-ball of cocaine and 8 grams of Molly into a Vegas pool.

Now people are openly getting engaged right in her face. Last night on Dancing With The Stars, contestant Noah Galloway (Iraq War vet) got down on his knee to ask his girlfriend, Jamie Boyd, to marry him.

Devastation for Pageviews.

Of course she was quick to correct those who thought she was annoyed by the fairy tale scenario. “Sorry my ugly cry face made its debut…love u Noah and Jamie,” she wrote on Twitter.

It was less than a year ago that Pageviews told Good Morning America that she really, really wanted to marry Stoll.

“I’ve definitely dropped hints here and there,” she said. “But we haven’t looked at rings. … Nothing there yet, the ball’s in his court,” she added laughing. “But no we are fine! We’ve had enough on our plate for the last two years of dating and haven’t really gone there yet.”

Now she has an unemployed boyfriend (becomes unrestricted free agent on July 1) with a drug charge and has to act excited for a couple living the good life.

Poor Erin Andrews.