Props to ESPN for Going All-In on Their Lebron Headband Memorial Coverage

The Cleveland Cavaliers may have lost to the Chicago Bulls on Monday, but that’s not the real story, according to ESPN. Skillfully ignoring baseball and blah NBA Playoff matchups, the Worldwide Leader is doing what they do best by pushing a tribute to LeBron James’ fallen headband.

In case you’re not up-to-date on LeBron’s headband, he ditched it to “look like his teammates” or whatever. Naturally, ESPN has found narrative in this:

After five trips to the NBA Finals & two championships, LeBron James has decided to ditch his headband.


— NBA on ESPN (@ESPNNBA) May 5, 2015

140-character tweets don’t get any more dramatic than that, folks. The killer, however, is this fade-to-black memoriam loaded with sad music:

Brilliant stuff by ESPN here. They get exactly what they want: viewers on TV and clicks on the Internet. And the hate tweets? That’s just icing on the cake for them:

The cardinals had an amazing win, yet ESPN thinks it's more important to talk about Lebron James and his decision to not wear a headband.

— Todd Kleekamp (@claycamp_9) May 5, 2015

It's mind boggling to me that ESPN is actually making a story about LeBron not wearing a headband because he wants to be a great teammate…

— NBA TALK (@Talk_NBA_) May 4, 2015

ESPN really went out of their way and made a segment about lebrons headband

— Itachi Blastoids (@YungBlastoids) May 5, 2015

ESPN had a 10 minute segment on LeBron's headband. Jesus Christ.

— Aaron (@AirParker24) May 5, 2015