The Charleston Riverdogs Gave Out Bill Murray Tune Squad Jerseys To The First 1000 Fans

Bill Murray is a part owner of the Charleston Riverdogs, a minor league baseball team and a Single-A affiliate of the Yankees. Along with being part owner, he also has the title of Director of Fun — which is basically Bill Murray’s life wrapped up into one job title.


Last night, the Riverdogs gave out the best promotional giveaway ever. I don’t care about bats, or gloves, or even jerseys from players who are actually on the team. This is the best giveaway there’s ever been and ever will be.

Bill Murray's minor league baseball team (Charleston Riverdogs) gave these to the first 1000 people at today's game.

— Kaylin (@KaylinNeely) April 26, 2015

I’ve said to my friends for years that one of the coolest jerseys to own would be a Bill Murray Tune Squad jersey. He was the X-factor in defeating the Monstars. If there’s no Bill Murray, Michael Jordan would still be stuck on Moron Mountain playing one-on-one against kids and always losing. Michael would’ve never won those next 3 championships and history would be completely different. Proving how important Bill Murray is to our society and how awesome this giveaway is.


“Whoaaa, I don’t play defense.”