Gronk Looking For Woman Who Cooks, Cleans…and Makes Big Money

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Gronk, you jackass. Why do you need a wife who makes big money? Don’t get too picky. Just look for one that cooks, cleans and is hot. You already have the money angle locked up. Just make sure she’s down for signing a pre-nup that’ll protect your millions.
The full Jim Rome interview with Gronk goes down tonight on Showtime. Just remember that these shows usually leak the best parts to TMZ to drum up exposure. Not that I wouldn’t watch if I had Showtime. Have you looked at the TV schedule tonight? Nothing.
Gronk’s perfect woman:
“Cleans, cooks, makes big cash, stays at home, lets me do whatever I want.”
Of course there are women out there who would sign up. I can go on Instagram right now and pluck 500 women for Gronk to choose from. These IG chicks stay at home, cook, clean and make big cash. Don’t even act like he’s not going to find the perfect woman one of these days.

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