Trevor Bauer Shuts Down Notion of Overthinking on the Mound

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Indians pitcher Trevor Bauer forced every Cubs fan in existence to change into a new pair of shorts—or pants, or drawers—after serving up three consecutive home runs to the golden trio of Jorge Soler, Javier Baez, and Kris Bryant on Tuesday.
Pretty disappointing considering Bauer was cruising through three innings of work, but hey, it’s spring training. Who really gives a crap as long as no one gets hurt, right?
An Indians fan went into overreaction mode and questioned Bauer on whether or not his struggles could be attributed to “overthinking” on the mound:

Despite the fact that literally every pitcher out there does think on the mound, Bauer decided to respond. This, he might’ve put too much thought into:

Yep … definitely overthought it. But it was nice to see a baseball player display common sense to trounce on some narrative-driven nonsense.
Next time, however, expect a Marshawn Lynch-esque response:

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