Texas Longhorns Fan Willing to Trade Tailgate Bus

Longhorns fans, now is the chance to pounce on that tailgate bus you’ve always wanted. And it potentially won’t even cost a dime! (Assuming you own the necessary asset.)
Details from the owner:

Ladies and Gentlemen, this is the ultimate tailgating machine. It has been painted, gutted and completely redone. All new seats and even a granite countertop. If you are looking for a true turn-key solution to getting the 2014 Texas Longhorn football season started off right, here you have it. Keep in mind it’s an old bus so it’s not your bus if you want to travel the world but it will get you to where you need to go.
We also have a large smoker for sale that was specifically built to pull behind the bus. It’s the real deal.
Will consider a trade for another car, truck or Harley 

Like a lot of the tailgate vehicles we’ve featured lately, this baby has a renovated interior and newly painted, albeit super simple, exterior. The one interesting quirk worth noting is the mirror ceiling. I’m sure that opens the buying group up to interesting selfie opportunities, or kinky Basic Instinct stuff—with Longhorn flare—if they’re into that.
But to trade in a Harley for this season specific vehicle? That probably isn’t a fair deal.
However, one could get creative and offer up a mid-level car/truck and then bring in a third trade partner (from the buyer’s UT group) to offer up something as well.
Hypothethical trade that won’t happen:

Buyer receives:

  • Texas Bus
  • Smoker

Craigslist guy receives:

  • 2 forgettable vehicles

Get it done.

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