Meet Caitlin Arnett—Colorado Rockies Fan

Caitlin Arnett

If you’re a Colorado Rockies fan … I’m sorry. The team didn’t do much transaction wise in the offseason, which leads everyone to believe 2015 will be another lost season of meh. But hey, at least Troy Tulowitzki will be the MVP of the half season he plays. Woo?

On the plus side, if you’re in Scottsdale for Cactus League action, you might run into one of their hottest fans, VIP server—and former Hooters Girl—Caitlin Arnett. If you’re a baller in the Arizona area, you might’ve come across her at the Maya Club or District Bar.

Perhaps you Rockies fans can get some bottle service at one of her spots after needlessly forcing yourself to watch spring training games.

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