Tony Romo, DeMarco Murray & Cowboys Go On Team Building Trip To Duke Without Dez Bryant

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What does it mean when Tony Romo, Jason Garrett, Jason Witten……and DeMarco Murray show up to Duke to meet with Coach K and Dez Bryant isn’t on the trip? Seems odd to me that the guy you just franchise tagged wouldn’t be on the trip. Maybe he had other things going on. You know, like playing Call of Duty. Was Dez invited? Did Dez tell Garrett and Romo to shove it? Does this mean DeMarco Murray will likely be back with the team?

Soooo many questions here.

We even had Romo and the boys yukking it up with Quinn Cook at what looks to be a team shootaround. DeMarco looks happy. Smiles all around. Meanwhile, Dez is off playing video games.

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