Pageviews TruBiotics Twitter Beef, Jason Kelce’s Tinder Game & Boston Snow F-Bomb

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Kentucky at LSU tonight…time for an upset? Catch that one at 7 EST on ESPN. Your other options are the normal February college basketball games that aren’t very important. You’re just waiting out the days until the conference tournaments. I understand. I’m telling you, let your wife or girlfriend have the remote. This will all make Saturday much easier. You’ll have a nice week in your pocket and she won’t over demand from you on the 14th. This will payoff in the end. Trust me.


Browns fan Barbara Desiree still wants Manziel

Caroline Wozniacki’s Sports Illustrated bikini

Pageviews gets in TruBiotics Twitter beef

Look at this: Scottish futboler takes cleat to the face

Philly: Jason Kelce’s Tinder game is on fire

Snoop’s son got this tat on his forearm

Boston anchor drops f-bomb during snow report

19 yr old Victoria’s Secret model Romee Strijd

Patriot League Dunk of the Year

Sandwich of the Day

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