Don't Tell Me Cris Collinsworth's Son Is Dating Sara Cardona, Aspiring Broadcaster

Meet Sara Cardona — I just ran into her on Instagram this afternoon because she was in Florida with Cris Collinsworth’s son, Austin, over the New Year holiday. Austin just finished his Notre Dame football career (he was a team captain) in November when he injured his shoulder in a game against USC. Long story short, Cardona ended up in Florida in a cocktail dress with Collinsworth on New Year’s Eve. I know – the rich just keeping richer. God selected certain guys to be ripped and have great hair. Austin got those genes.
Say hello to your next Internet superstar in Cardona. She’s Colombian, still in college at the University of Tennessee-Chattanooga and…brace yourself…is an aspiring broadcaster. She has only 1,500 Twitter followers (@Sara_Cardonaa), just over 10,000 IG followers and appears in a newly released Kid Rock video.
I’ll just throw it out right now — Sara Cardona is about to have a HUGE 2015.
Does Cardona need some more seasoning on the TV side? Of course, but a few offseason lessons from Cris and a few Mocs football games next season and Sara will be on the fast-track to a graduation contract with either Fox Sports 1 or ESPN. Things are about to get real interesting.
UPDATE: Cardona tells BC that she’s looking for a summer TV sports internship if anyone can help.


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