Redskins Fan Kills Cowboys Fan With Clothesline [VIDEO]


Police say a Redskins-Cowboys fan fight at a Chesapeake, Virginia turned deadly when the Redskins fan hit the Cowboys fan with a clothesline that killed Charles Lee Setchel, 48. The suspect, seen stepping over Setchel as the Cowboys fan lays motionless from the throat punch, is Ronnie Cisko, 36.

NewsChannel 3 in Hampton Roads reports this all started during the regular season finale played Sunday in D.C.

Setchel’s fiance, Robin Stewart, spoke to NewsChannel 3 and said the fight started over a football game. Cisko and his group were cheering for the Redskins and Setchell and his group were cheering for the Cowboys.

The two men were jabbing each other for a while during the game before it escalated into a fight, Stewart says. Eventually the friendly jabbing turned into name-calling and then it got physical.

The Redskins lost and Cisko is now charged with second-degree murder. This isn’t the first time a Redskins and Cowboys fan fight turned deadly. A 2012 incident where best friends started fighting eventually led to the stabbing death of a Redskins fan.

Ronnie Cisko: