Kim DeJesus Holiday Vacation Update: Still in Bikini Paradise

I never really thought much of David DeJesus other than that the guy is a pretty solid outfielder who has bounced around the league a bit. Then I started working here and became aware of his volcano-hiking lover Kim. My life has been filled with jungle bikini photos ever since—and I’m definitely not mad about that.
Now the last time we checked up on Kim, she had already tackled both a volcano and waterfall hike. Fast-forward three days later and she’s added river rafting, zip lining and even more bikini pictures.

This is just unreal at this point—Kim might never leave whatever wonderful haven this is. I mean, she’s already getting accustomed to the land:

These pictures alone are probably saving some poor schmuck who can’t afford to pay his gas bill from hypothermia.
[Instagram- KimDeJesus]

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