Kim DeJesus Finally Reaches Waterfall in her Bikini

Kim Dejesus


If you thought Kim DeJesus’ epic holiday jungle vacation peaked on Monday with her bikini volcano hike, then clearly you don’t know Kim DeJesus. David’s lovely wife was back on the trails again on Tuesday—sans the sweatpants—in hunt for some jungle waterfall.

Kim Dejesus

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It’s hard to disagree with BC head honcho Joe on DeJesus’ Instagram clinic during the holidays. She’s made onesies hot somehow, played whiffleball like a champ, and is currently giving all the miserable people back in the states what they want—jungle bikini photos.

And I’m not sure about you guys, but this pretty much solidifies an island holiday for me at some point in my life. Think about it, you get to kick all of the following to the curb:

  • Extended family
  • Holiday music
  • Ugly sweaters
  • Cold weather

Oh, and Kim DeJesus might be there hiking some dangerous mountain in minimal gear.

[Instagram- kimdejesus]