Meet Alissa Bourne — Model and Former Maryland Soccer Player


As you progress through high school and college and stress out over dumb crap like your career, people often try to ease your stress by telling you how they ended up with a job unrelated to their major. I always found this fascinating—it’s like shifting routes before you can even profit off what you spent years studying for.
But I can see the reasoning behind it for some. For instance, here is former University of Maryland soccer player Alissa Bourne. She had an athletic scholarship and double majored in Finance and Accounting, then dropped it all to become a model. Why? Because she’s Emma Stone-like hot—plus that dual degree is a neat safety net.

Some fun facts about Alissa (via GQ Mexico and her modeling profile):

  • She loves Garden State
  • Good luck if you want to have sex on a first date with her
  • She’s into the rude dude
  • If you’re an “egomasturbator,” forget about it
  • If you’re Garrett Hedlund, you have a shot to have sex on the first date

[AlissaBourne- IG | @Alissacb]

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