Meet Taryn Hatcher — Aspiring Sideline Reporter

Taryn Hatcher


Becoming the next great sideline reporter is all about the hustle, just ask Rutgers senior Taryn Hatcher. In an ideal world, I’m sure she’d be hitting the booze hard (maybe she still does) and soaking up these final months of school before real life hits. But that’s now how life works if you want to ask sweaty dudes and old men the important questions in life.

She told CBS New York in February:

Rutgers junior Taryn Hatcher is a sports intern at CBS. She said she dreams of being a sideline sports reporter and that once she’s done with her assigned duties for the day she always asks, “do you need me to do anything else, or is there anything extra I can do, because a little bit of help leads to a lot of opportunity later I find.”

Yup, this Phillies fan might be asking Ruben Amaro what took him so long to rebuild pretty soon. Until then, give her some social media love:

[Taryn Hatcher — IG | @TarynHatcher]