NFL Cheerleaders of the Week: Christmas Costumes

The world is such a bad and angry place right now that it’s hard to think of anyone who is actually happy to be working for minimum wage cheering on teams that are already knocked out of the playoffs. But, there were the NFL cheerleaders on Sunday doing their job. Smiles on their faces. Dancing. Smile. Hair whip. Smile. Leg kick. Smile.
From the Dolphins, to the Buccaneers, to the Raiders, Texans, 49ers. Smiles and Mrs. Claus costumes. Everyone just calm down for a minute and allow yourself to be filled with Christmas spirit. Mrs. Claus costumes. Hot cheerleaders. Don’t be ashamed. ISIS doesn’t run this country. Women can show leg during a football game.
By the way, I announced the NFL Cheerleader of the Year over the weekend. Whitney Cowart is your winner. The vote wasn’t even close.
Rob Foldy/Getty Images

Whitney Cowart — NFL Cheerleader of the Year
Whitney Cowart — NFL Cheerleader of the Year