Meet Meaghan Kelsey Maus — Florida State Cheerleader

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As Jameis Winston attempts to convince people being accused of rape is just “as vicious as rape,” the rest of his team is in final preparations for their regular season finale. Will Florida State continue their quest to be the worst undefeated team in the playoff, or will their luck finally run out against Georgia Tech?

Whatever the case, we know FSU will still come away with at least one victory on Saturday—the cheerleader battle. You met Madison Hunt on Wednesday, and now we have her teammate Meaghan Kelsey Maus.

She describes herself as a lover of “black and white photos, Jesus, anything yellow or cinnamon, and making people happy.”

I mean, you can’t really hate that (unless you’re Atheist).

[Instagram- meagmaus24 | Twitter- @MeagMaus24]