NFL Cheerleaders of Week 13 — Cowboys Back On Top Of Power Rankings

Philadelphia Eagles v Dallas Cowboys


I warned the Houston Texans cheerleaders that it would be nearly impossible to hold on to the top spot on the NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings list. The Cowboys had Pitbull coming to town for the big Thanksgiving Day game and I just knew they’d perform with the 33-year-old dbag. You put the Cowboys cheerleaders on the same stage with this guy and they’re stealing the show. And they did. The Cowboys cheerleaders are back on top of the rankings and that sets up a shootout. The Texans have two home games left; the Cowboys have one.

Don’t forget about the Dolphins cheerleaders. Miami has three home games, a weather advantage and are just lurking at #3.

NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings:

1. Cowboys

2. Texans

3. Dolphins

4. Chargers

5. Seahawks

6. 49ers

7. Cardinals

8. Broncos

9. Buccaneers

10. Colts

Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

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