NFL Cheerleaders of Week 12 — Texans Retake #1 With Military Costumes

The Texans cheerleaders are back on top of our NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings after taking off a couple weeks because the Getty photographers took off a couple weeks. You have to give the Texans ladies credit for going with a Tribute to the Armed Forces theme even though Veterans Day was two weeks ago. The ladies have turned this into an armed forces month. I also need to note that the Falcons cheerleaders wore camo costumes, getting them into the Top 10.
Will the Texans last long at #1? The Cowboys cheerleaders notoriously have big days on Thanksgiving when the national spotlight is on. Plus, you add in that the ladies will be dancing to Pitbull during halftime of Thursday’s game and you have all the ingredients for the Cowboys to reclaim the top spot.
NFL Cheerleader Power Rankings:
1. Texans
2. Cowboys
3. Dolphins
4. Chargers
5. Seahawks
6. 49ers
7. Cardinals
8. Broncos
9. Raiders
10. Falcons
Andy Lyons/Getty Images


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