Raiders Cheerleader Thinks She's Getting Shafted For Suing Team

Apparently Oakland Raiders cheerleader Caitlin Y. is going to be the martyr for fair wages for cheerleaders everywhere.
The Raiderette opted out of a settlement that will be paying dozens of her peers $5,000 in back pay, citing (per NBC Bay Area):

It doesn’t include the entire NFL. It’s a league-wide issue that affects cheerleaders on all teams, not just ours. By accepting this, the NFL gets off the hook.

Her defense also contends the franchise lowballs when it comes to reimbursing members for outside expenses—mentioning they should be receiving around $3,000-$4,000, not $800-$1,100.
Despite trying to fight for cheerleaders across the league, Caitlin told the LA Times in July—after the Raiders upped pay to $9/hr (minimum wage in California)— that not every Raiderette appreciates what she is trying to do:

It’s been a tough experience. I understand that change is not always well-received. People don’t necessarily know how to interact with me right now, and that’s OK. I am here and believe in my cause.

Her decision to sue has also cost her on the field as the Santa Clara graduate has been pushed back to the second row.
On the plus side, Lacy has another job as the Director of Public Relations for a skin care company when she’s not making money dancing—according to her bio on


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