Marcus Mariota's Girlfriend Is Nicole Watase [PHOTOS]

Update: Team Mariota swears Nicole is now an ex-girlfriend.
Yes, Marcus Mariota has a girlfriend. Her name is Nicole Watase. No, we still don’t know that much about Mariota because the guy, who will probably win the Heisman, is rarely seen on ESPN. Try to think back to the last time you saw Mariota appearing doing an interview on national television. It’s a struggle to even know what the guy’s voice sounds like.
So let’s humanize the guy a little bit. He actually has a girlfriend and she has a history of modeling in Hawaii.
Watase bio:
• Pre-marine biology major at Oregon
• Was a high school cheerleader at all-girls school that cheered for Mariota’s team (Saint Louis)
• Went to junior prom with Marc; they’ve been together ever since
• No Twitter, Instagram or Facebook accounts
That’s about it. Watase and Mariota have stayed quiet, unlike other Heisman contender couples that we’ve heard about over the last few years (Johnny-Sarah Savage and McCarron-Webb).

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