Eagles Fan Dumps Corvette In Delaware River After Fight With Wife

Kramer surrendered to police today. He said he meant for no one to see him drive his Corvette into the river. pic.twitter.com/niz4qhG5dz

— Dana DiFilippo (@DanaDiFilippo) November 12, 2014



The big drama playing out this week in Philadelphia is the story of John Kramer and his fight with his estranged wife Stephanie. John, in his Eagles jersey, turned himself in to police this afternoon for violating a protection order that bars him from being around Stephanie’s residence. But that’s not what has the Philly media all excited. It’s what happened AFTER the violation that has turned John and Stephanie’s war into a headline machine.

John dumped his Corvette, actually registered to Stephanie, in the Delaware River.

According to the Philadelphia Daily News:

“I just wanted to get rid of it,” Kramer, 50, told the Daily News in a telephone interview last night. “I was sick and tired of everybody fighting over a car I paid $36,000 for.”

Stephanie says there is more to the story. John wanted the family minivan, but wouldn’t leave his Corvette as a trade. Stephanie’s deal for John wasn’t good enough and he took drastic measures.

“He texted my daughter and said, ‘You have two minutes, or I’m putting the Corvette into the river,’ ” she said.

Minutes later, she received another text:

Too late; It’s already gone. LOL

That’s right, John dumped the Corvette in the river and walked home. Go read the full story, it’s incredible how John is dealing with divorce and life right now.



John Kramer tells reporters he drove his Corvette into the river in a domestic dispute bc he was off his psych meds. pic.twitter.com/3yDeFlLoiK

— Dana DiFilippo (@DanaDiFilippo) November 12, 2014

Philadelphia police say a man going through a divorce drove his wife’s Corvette into a river http://t.co/As55fzLg4C pic.twitter.com/wL6820sxJD

— ABC7 Eyewitness News (@ABC7) November 11, 2014