Porn Star Lisa Ann Attends Raptors Game, Gets Aroused By Team Mascot

2009 AVN Hall of Fame inductee Lisa Ann was back on the basketball scene Tuesday night, taking in a game at the Air Canada Centre for Thunder-Raptors. And no, her 18-year-old boy toy Justin Brent was not present—probably doing college kid things like studying (nah) or playing impromptu games of beer pong (yah). But judging from Ann’s Instagram diary of her night at America’s hat, she still had a banging time.
Terrance Ross’ cardboard cutout has never gotten more action:

Uh oh, trouble in paradise, Mr. Brent?

And for all you furries out there, Miss Ann is down for some of that too, captioning the photo below: “I wish I had him In bed with me right now. Talk about some snuggles.. Who doesn’t want a life sized stuffed Raptor?”

Lisa Ann, the dark horse MVP candidate through a week-plus of play.
[Photos via Lisa Ann- Instagram]

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