UFC’s Chrissy Blair: Instagram Girl of the Day [30 PHOTOS]


Chrissy Blair

Chrissy Blair proves that BustedCoverage needs more than just a mere¬†pretty girl¬†to repreent the Instagram Girl of the Day. This site needs a beautiful model who can also kick ass. Specifically, Chrissy Blair can kick ass in the Octogan of the UFC. Yes, we’re not afraid of strong women here at BustedCoverage. Especially when they look like Chrissy Blair.

You’ll want to get to know Chrissy a lot better, starting with her very fit Instagram account–and Chrissy’s Twitter account proves this gal is a mix of beauty, brawn, and brains. You’ll also want to check out her official site to see that Chrissy Blair can also really tell a story. She has a lot to talk about, too–but first, get to know Chrissy skin-deep with these hot pics of the built babe baring a bod that’s really in fighting shape….

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