ESPN GameDay Signs 2014 – TCU Vs. West Virginia

TCU and West Virginia have only three all-time meetings so it’s kinda hard to find storylines to create signs. Still, WVU students came strong with classics such as “I pooped today” and “Daddy wants some milk.” Take note, freshman. Those are easy, very visible signs that are effective. Keep the signs short, simple and let the camera do the rest of the work.
As for the blue waffles signs…from Snopes:

There is a rumor going around about a new STD called “Blue Waffle.”
“A ‘waffle’ is a slang term for a vagina. A ‘blue waffle’ is a slang term for a severe vaginal infection. It’s basically a slang term for an extremely nasty or severe vaginal infection/STD on the vagina. The infection could cause lesions on the outside of the vagina, as well as bruising, which causes it to look blue in color.”
I threw in some SEC Nation signs to show that things are really picking up over there.
Reggie Bush's Wife Is Back with A New Exercise GIF
Reggie Bush's Wife Is Back with A New Exercise GIF
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