Best Of #RoyalsBoobs

What angle to the World Series are you not seeing from Fox, ESPN or the MLB channel? The #RoyalsBoobs angle. Once again, we’ll step up and carry the torch to actually get people outside Kansas City and San Francisco excited for a World Series. Variety report Wednesday that Game 1 tied for the smallest viewing audience in World Series TV history.
I’ve argued this week that Fox and MLB aren’t helping themselves. There is zero buzz to the World Series because there are zero stars involved with the games. That led me to the conclusion that MLB should’ve taken the front row of seats behind home plate and turned it into a wack pack zone. Think retired WWF stars (Flair, Duggan), a Playmate or two, a guy like Beetlejuice from Stern and a washed up NFL star like T.O. You take the pack and put them behind the plate in K.C. gear. You have instant curiosity from viewers. People start texting their friends. The game becomes secondary to the circus going on behind the plate. Maybe you bring out a couple new “stars” after the 3rd and 6th innings.
That brings me to #RoyalsBoobs from @Royals_Boobs. It’s a complete circus where women are so into the World Series that they’re tweeting SFW pics of their boobs to some guy who is closing in on 7,000 followers who just want to see a boob circus.
I’m not saying MLB needs to get into the boob game. They just need to create a few circuses of their own to bring back people who’ve long given up on a sport short on stars worth watching.

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