ARod's College Football Tour Rolls Into Bama Frat

I told you Saturday morning that ARod was in Tuscaloosa for another stop on his college football tour. It turns out that after partying his ass off at an Irish bar on Friday night where patrons reportedly chanted “We want Jeter,” the 39-year-old wannabe college bro got up Saturday and headed to a Bama frat for some pregaming.
The above photo was from Friday night. Looks like things got rough for the Yankees legend.
Then it was frat time.
You really have to give ARod credit here. It would’ve been easy to just stroll into the stadium and avoid contact with the general public. But, as we’ve shown you during the ARod College Football Tour, the guy will actually interact with the locals. I’m convinced the guy just wants to be liked and has come to realize that the only way to rebuild his reputation is to visit frat houses where the bros have zero issues with a fraud who frauded his way to hundreds of millions of dollars.
If you aren’t cheating, you aren’t trying.




The Best of Drunken Kyle Orton
The Best of Drunken Kyle Orton