Roxanna June, Playboy's Miss October 2014, Talks Lingerie, Dating and the Lakers

Whether she’s wearing it or not, lingerie has been very kind to Roxanna June.
When she’s not modeling, Playboy’s Miss October 2014 serves as the lingerie editor of Live Fast magazine, a publisher dedicated to “the best of fashion, art, sex, and travel.” The role is a perfect fit for the smart, fashion-savvy brunette Playmate.
“Basically, I manage the lingerie section. I reach out and manage relationships with various brands and then communicate what we’ll be featuring to our designers and to a roster of cool, creative people,” Roxanna, 23, said from Los Angeles on Tuesday morning.
“Sometimes, we’ll shoot a pictorial. It’s a great job, but it does involve work, not just trying on lingerie.”
A native of Stratford, Ontario who now calls Los Angeles home, Roxanna is the second straight Playmate of the Month from Canada (Miss Sept. 2014 was Stephanie Branton).
Roxanna told us which Southern California sports team has become her favorite, about her celebrity crush and what type of guy turns her off.

BC: You are the second consecutive Playmate from Canada. Is there anything behind this trend?

Roxanna June: I just think there’s a lot of cool, smart beautiful women from Canada. I’m glad Playboy appreciates us.

As a Canadian who has moved to L.A., you seem uniquely qualified to answer this burning question: is Wayne Gretzky still hot?

Yes. Definitely. (Laughs) I have to stay true to my Canadian heritage.

Have any athletes or celebrities been hitting on you since you’ve become a Playmate? Are there any whom you’d like to?

No one famous has really hit on me yet. I guess I wouldn’t be mad if Ryan Gosling decided to contact me, but what woman would be? He’s the go-to crush of the moment for a lot of people.

Both the Dodgers and the Angels are in the MLB playoffs. Are you rooting for either team? Do you get caught up in American sports culture?

I really don’t follow baseball or football. I do get caught up in basketball. Like seemingly everyone else in Southern California, I’m a Lakers fan. You almost have to be. The games are very exciting and everyone gets into it.

Have you been to a Lakers game?

Surprisingly, I haven’t been yet. I’m waiting for someone to take me. It seems like a lot of fun.

L.A. guys must be slow. I get the feeling that might not be a problem now that you’re a Playmate…Does your role at Live Fast mag ever make getting ready for bed difficult? What do you wear to sleep?

I usually wear just a t-shirt to bed. I like to be comfy; I’m super chill with that stuff. I do have lingerie to wear under certain outfits, though.

Do you or any of the other Playmates do any online dating? Do you have any funny experiences with Tinder, Match, etc?

I have never used online dating, but I have messed around on my friend’s Tinder account. It’s pretty addictive, and it can be hilarious to read some of the profiles on there.

What mistakes do dudes make while talking to incredibly beautiful women?

I think they can be too egotistical. I am turned off by the ones who try too hard and take themselves too seriously.

You seemed to have a lot of fun during your pictorial shoot. Is that the most naked you’ve ever been in your life?

Yes, that was the most naked I have ever been. It was so much fun that I forgot I was naked. The crew made me feel very comfortable.

The career of a Playmate can be fleeting. Where would you like it to lead you?

I’d like to build up my modeling career, and perhaps work in New York someday. I think being a Playmate will open new doors for me.

The October 2014 issue of Playboy featuring Roxanna June as the Playmate of the Month is on newsstands and at now.
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