Hannah Davis Still Bikini Modeling While Jeets Enjoys Retirement



It took all of two days after Jeter’s retirement for new Hannah Davis bikini photos to pop up from Miami bikini factory Lulifama and for Jeter to announce he’s investing in a company that sounds very, very similar to Twitter (for athletes). In other words, Hannah is the only one who’ll be working in this relationship. Jeets might’ve made $265,159,364 during his MLB career so he can afford to blow a few bucks on a dumb website investment.

Davis, on the other hand, is just 24 and is in the prime of her bikini modeling career.  This is what makes Jeets a genius. He gets to sit around, watch college football, get fat and Hannah will be off working hard in some exotic locale. G-E-N-I-U-S. This is exactly the life you aim for at 40.

[Go buy your girlfriend a bikini at Lulifama]