Players From Purdue Make The Highest Average NFL Salaries & Other Interesting Data

The Chargers Twitter account tweeted a nifty, humble brag-esque stat last week.

Interesting as that may be, it appears the Bolts merely had consulted’sUnofficial 2014 NFL Player Census” for that knowledge nugget. BestTickets did a fairly extensive study analyzing the make-up of the league while measuring players and teams on basic metrics like height and race to the critically important ones like which college produces the players with the highest salaries.

Purdue, at the top of the list, has their average padded by players like Drew Brees ($20MM) and Cliff Avril ($6.5MM). Only four of the 13 players out of Purdue make less than $1MM annually. Only three out of the 11 players from Pittsburgh make less than $1MM annually.

That’s about the only thing Purdue can sell to recruits, it’s not like they can sell kids on the team that’s on the field.
The charts that measure height and weight in relation in position are fairly self-explanatory so they’re aren’t too many surprises. Jared Lorenzen hasn’t been in the league since 2008.
However, this such random factoid BestTickets dredged up is fantastic.

Having produced 2 players with a population of 217, Kellyton’s players per thousand residents was 9.2. This year, Kellyton’s Alonzo Tweedy failed to make a roster, which means there is a new champion: Sapelo Island, Georgia. This metropolis along the East Coast consists of a mere 111 residents, and is responsible for producing Chiefs defensive end Allen Bailey. That is good for 9.009 players per capita.

There’s a no shit island off the coast of the continental United States where 9 out of 10 children grow up to be professional football players. Pray for that last kid as his classmates have found unimaginable wealth and fame, he’s probably still marooned out on that island. Hopefully he can swim seven miles.
This bit of info did cause for concern:

roughly 11% of all of our racial categories have won the Super Bowl except for the Hispanic players. 0 of the 18 current Hispanic players have won the Super Bowl.

Looks like Victor Cruz’s half African/half Puerto Rican heritage counts as “Other.” Count me excited for Senator Ted Cruz to be our first “Other” President!



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