Buy Justin Tuck's Dually Ford F-350 Beast For Just $45,100

Justin Tuck was already well prepared for the culture shock for playing with the lowly Raiders after claiming two titles in for the Giants. A man learns to deal with Napoleon complex-addled tool bags after working in New Jersey every day for nine years.
Tuck signed for two-years, $11 million with the Silver and Black last off-season after feeling “disrespected” by the Giants offer. That tells you the market for the aging lineman wasn’t particularly booming if the best deal he got was from the freaking Raiders. Didn’t he see what happened Richard Seymour’s career?
Despite a new deal, those Subway sandos don’t pay the bills, which must be why Tuck posted his color-appropriate F-350 on the eBays for a small mint at $45,100.00.
According to the listing, $15,000.00 was spent on tricking the truck out or 3,000 $5 footlongs.

Custom Rhino Paint, With Gloss Black Accents
Custom 24 Inch Rims
Pirelli Scorpion Tires
Custom Grill
Black Leather Interior With Initialized JT Embossed Seats
Custom LED Head lights And Tail lights
Motorized Tonneau Cover

The most intriguing feature of this truck that it allegedly “a beautiful machine with a very cool story.”
What secrets are woven in your upholstery, Justin Tuck’s pick-up?

A Rare Jeff George Sighting Over The Weekend (Love The Hat, BTW)
A Rare Jeff George Sighting Over The Weekend (Love The Hat, BTW)