Charlotte McKinney Speaks…Doesn't Rule Out High Fashion Nudity Shoot!

I knew we were getting close to the Charlotte McKinney media assault because she’s now working for Guess and is about to completely blow up into a mainstream model we should be seeing in the Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue. Appearing on Fox 411 is the first step. I smell an appearance on Live with Kelly and Michael and possibly something on Good Morning America where they do a segment on her being called “the Next Kate Upton.”
TV producers love a hook like this.
“So Charlotte…how do you feel being compared to Kate?” That’s the question. Over and over and over. Then, the director cuts to insane cleav shots, the Insty account and more bikini pics. Over and over and over. Soon, men are going nuts, she appears in SI and then MLB hires her to do some commercial work. It’s an awesome career path. One thing leads to another and you’re happily dating Manziel.
The highlights from the Fox appearance:

FOX411: Do you like being compared to Kate Upton?
Charlotte McKinney: Personally, I don’t compare myself at all to her. I think we’re two totally different people but I admire her business aspect of her career, I think she’s done an amazing job.
FOX411:  Kate Upton said she would never pose nude. What’s your policy on that?
McKinney: I believe there’s a time and a place for it.  I don’t think I’m ready for it.  I’ve been asked to pose for Playboy and there’s this magazine Treats, it’s nude. I’m away from it for now unless along the line of Vogue, or something amazing, but for now no.

Of course she’s not ready for it. You don’t just come out of nowhere and start showing the boobs. You go arm bra, sand bra, hand bra and then you allow GQ to shoot wet white t-shirt photos. That’s the move. It’s not full nudity so she can feel comfortable, yet guys get the t-shirt shot that they’ll turn into a message board avatar. It’s a win-win.
My only concern with this Fox 411 interview is that the bronzer looks a little thick. Back off of it just a little bit. Other than that, it’s go time for McKinney. Balls to the walls right now.
[Charlotte McKinney – IG]

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