Erin Andrews Is Working Her Ass Off Getting Ready For The NFL Season




If you follow Erin Andrews on social media you know that she’s been whining that she’s about to get soooo busy now that the NFL and Dancing With The Stars are back in business. Yeah, tough life. She hasn’t actually worked that we know of since the worthless all-star game and before that there might’ve been a couple assignments for Fox baseball coverage. Other than that, I can’t remember anything she’s done since the Super Bowl.

Some of her best tweets:

Good bye offseason…hello grind… & here we come

Last Saturday at home until February…oh I see u coming

Yes sir! RT : Are you going to pull a and work 2 jobs this season?

You know who spent the summer traveling around the U.S., Canada and somewhere in Europe with her boyfriend and the Stanley Cup? This chick. Seriously. I feel so sorry for her that she actually has to go back to work for ABC and Fox. Tough life. She just has to be hot for a couple of nights a week and then fly to a game and act like she’s asking important questions that impress Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. That’s it. It’s not like she’s going to a factory and busting her ass like you are. It’s not like she’s fighting ISIS in Syria. She asks coaches questions twice a game and then is on a dancing show asking D-list celebrities dumb questions.


The really interesting part of the Erin Andrews football/dancing equation is that she’s now working on the Fox A-team. She takes over Pam Oliver’s job, which means she has to either live up to Pam’s professionalism, which won’t happen, or deliver big ratings for the suits.

In an essay posted today by Essence, Pam delivered this line:

At times I’m ashamed of how tragic I was making things out to be. It’s just a job change. I’m not out on the streets. I’m not unemployed. Everybody wins: Fox gets its coveted reporter in the lead role and I get to do my sideline job for my twentieth and final year.


So good luck to Erin Andrews with this super busy football season. Hopefully she survives the grind.


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